Virtual Collaboration Enabler for Higher Ed

For last several years, we have been working with Career Services and Adult Ed offering various technology solutions that facilitate virtual engagement. The future is Virtual and Hybrid collaboration, we can help you!

Platform that is Designed for Rapid Adoption by Students

Cynaptx focuses on delivering full value for the time they spend on the system. By enabling them to find meaningful job opportunities and effective collaboration with Career Services and Employers, Cynaptx ensures rapid adoption by students.

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Career Services Management

Cynaptx Career Services Management is for those institutes that believe they are unique and want to put the Career Center in control. Easy to use and value for money!

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Virtual Career Fair

Use Cynaptx for Virtual Career Fair, host meetings using Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Cynaptx is build on top of the most popular meeting apps making it easy for Students and Employers.

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Student Admissions Fairs

Cynaptx platform can be used for Virtual Admission Fairs to get new enrollments faster

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Staff Recruitment Fairs

Organize Virtual Hiring events on Cynaptx for Hiring Staff members with ease.

AI Driven Platform for Higher Ed

Built on a modern architecture that scales for big data, Cynaptx augments institutional data with AI and ML powered capabilities so that students can discover right jobs faster and drive smarter outcomes.


Multiple Needs, One Platform

Cynaptx can be used by different departments in an Institute. Apart from the Career Services Team, Cynaptx can be used for Student Admission Fairs, Student clubs, Festivals and Staff Recruitment Fairs