Enabling blockbuster sales fairs on Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Organize a blockbuster sales fair or holiday sales event (e.g. during Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc.) using Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Connects to your CRM

Conduct presentations on your Products and Services, have customers book demos, pre-sales sessions, roundtable meetings and 1:1 meetings with sales and procurement specialists on Cynaptx and track all activities in CRM.

Virtual and Hybrid sales events

Engage with your buyers in a new Virtual and Hybrid way using a technology that they are familiar with - Microsoft Teams or Zoom


Now engage with customers at scale like never before

Cynaptx makesVirtual Sales events a productive way of sales enablement with focus on numbers and KPIs

Reports and Metrics

Cynaptx provides easy to interpret reports that help you track and measure the effectiveness of the event.