Virtual Job Fairs simplified with next gen technology, powered by Microsoft Teams

Cynaptx Virtual Job Fair platform helps you host Virtual Job Fairs on Microsoft Teams. Organizations can organize virtual jobs fairs of any scale with no limitations using Cynaptx platform. Cynaptx needs minimum setup time and is a truly agile & flexible virtual job fair platform.

Get started today with the Virtual Job Fair starter package!

  • Quick Set up
  • Suitable for any industry
  • Integrated with Office 365
  • Video Calls
  • Voice Calls
  • Text Chat
  • Autogenerated Event Landing Page
  • Event Branding
  • Virtual Booths
  • Virtual Help Desk
  • Virtual Job Board
  • One Click Event Invitation
  • One Click Event Registration
  • Document Sharing
  • Live Support during the event
  • 1:1 Meetings
  • Group Sessions
  • Built in Survey
  • Reports

Frequently asked questions

Q: Does Cynaptx support virtual job fair planning?

Cynaptx covers end to end activities involved in conducting a virtual job fair. You can announce the job fair on Cynaptx and invite candidates and recruiters.

Q: Can each booth have a job board?

Yes, each booth can have a job board where jobs can be added. Candidates can access those jobs.

Q: Can our existing Office 365 license be used?

Yes, your existing Office 365 license is good enough.

Q: Can Cynaptx platform be used for other virtual events such as tradeshows?

Yes, Cynaptx platform can be used for other virtual events as well.

Q: Can booths be created for different teams/units who want to recruit at the fair?

Yes, each team/unit can have their own booths.

Q: Is Microsoft Teams used for meetings?

Cynaptx is built on top of Microsoft Teams. Text Chat, Voice Calls and Video Calls are provided using Microsoft Teams.

Q: Will each event have a registration page?

Yes, when a virtual job fair is created on Cynaptx, an external registration page is automatically generated. This page(URL) can be used in email and social media campaigns to attract candidates.

Q: Do we need a Microsoft account/Teams account to use Cynaptx platform?

Ans: No, you and your users do not need Microsoft account to use Cynaptx