About Us

Cynaptx is an AI-driven Career Service Management (CSM) platform that is easy to use, feature rich and provides an amazing return on investment for all stakeholders.

Cynaptx brings students, employers, and career centers, on one powerful platform to do better career planning, deliver exceptional career services, and get amazing outcomes.


Built on a modern architecture that scales for big data, Cynaptx augments typical CSM features such as dashboards and job postings with AI and ML powered capabilities so that students can discover right jobs faster and drive smarter outcomes.

Cynaptx AI works for staff members, students and recruiters in their own way to make their career services experience personalized and meaningful.

Key AI Highlights

Interact in Natural Language

Take self-service career services to the next level when students can get answers and see their action items by typing in a natural way.

Automate your Insights Discovery

Save countless hours from manual data analysis with machine learning algorithms automatically uncovering hidden insights.

Better Decisions with Predictive Analytics

Gain clarity on future performance and receive recommendations on how to improve outcomes.

Augmented Analytics Workflow

Unify data from files, databases, and big data sources, to get a complete picture of your relationship management.

Delight students and employers with more personalized experiences

Cynaptx uses AI to find the right needle in a haystack of information overload.