Cynaptx provides Career Services a platform that enables them to interact with employers and students easily.

Increased Engagement

Customized for your need

Easy to Use, Full-service CSM

Cynaptx.AI for Universities

  • Get suggestions for the most important tasks that need your attention.
  • Never miss a To-Do action item and get recommendation on what to do.
  • Forecasting and predictions based on past trends and future goals.
  • A virtual assistant to help your students to guide to the right resources.
  • Machine Learning allows for better prediction and increased efficiency.


Features for Career Services

Interactive Dashboard

  • Intuitive analytics shows engagement
  • Approval queue – shows job and resume review requests for approval
  • Calendar/schedule
  • Activity Stream – student and employer activity

Manage Students

  • Search for, filter, review and update student profiles
  • Assign students to staff, create groups of students, and tag them for action on groups
  • Activate/deactivate students
  • Make students into alumni
  • Review student resumes, provide feedback, approval, etc.
  • View student activity stream
  • Create notes and set reminders

Manage Employers

  • Create/edit organizations and recruiters
  • Activate, suspend or edit them
  • Make employers Featured for special actions
  • View employer activities and assist employers
  • Connect with CRM and build relationships

Manage Staff

  • Review Staff activity, create new staff or edit existing staff, manage security
  • Activate/de-activate staff

Manage Requests

  • Create, review and process requests – Resolve, close or send back to the requestor for further information
  • Add notes to requests
  • Filter requests to find the ones you need

Jobs and interviews

  • Create/edit jobs for recruiters
  • Approve jobs submitted by employers/recruiters
  • Suspend or activate jobs
  • Job Spidering: Add employer jobs for your students by linking jobs from employer sites


  • View dashboard of important metrics
  • Powerful reporting with student analytics, employer engagement metrics, job metrics and more

Manage Events

  • Create, edit and manage events including location, images, number of attendees, links and more
  • View event engagement metrics, number of registrations
  • Track event attendance and send post event survey


  • Add engaging content and share with appropriate student, staff and employer groups/individuals and via social media
  • Limit content view with content expiry
  • View content engagement analytics


  • Integrations to Student Information Systems, SSO using identity providers, CRM etc.
  • Employer websites for job spidering

We want to grow one smart global network of student, alumni, employers & universities/colleges to increase engagement and outcomes for all Stakeholders