Welcome to Next-Gen Virtual & Hybrid Recruitment Experience

A powerful, delightful, and easy-to-use platform built to create a highly engaging virtual recruitment experience using Microsoft Teams.


Talent Acquisition catalyst for better and faster results.

Cynaptx covers the hiring needs of Organizations of all sizes. You could do a virtual career fair or a simple virtual recruitment session, spanning a few hours to weeks using Cynaptx.

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Candidate Database Management

Cynaptx is equipped with a candidate database management module that helps you, group candidates, send emails, and access resumes.

Invitation Management

Invite candidates and hiring managers to the virtual career fair or hiring session through an effortless process that involves just a few mouse clicks.

Interview Scheduler

Interviewers can set up their availability, and candidates schedule interviewers based on the interviewers’ availability. No involvement is needed from Talent Acquisition Team.


Virtual Career Fair using Microsoft Teams

Cynaptx works on top of Microsoft Teams so that you don’t have to use a different tool to conduct virtual engagements. Talk to us and learn more.

White Glove Support

Get world class support for your event planning and execution.

From onboarding to training, and setup, to managing, engaging and measuring, you can count on us as your partner in success.

Virtual experience

Powerful Features

We have reimagined virtual experience to be easier than ever

Branding & Marketing

Inviting & Registration

Tracking & Reporting

Medium is No Barrier for Engagement

Now run virtual, in-person and hybrid events with confidence


Immersive virtual experience

Virtual experience augments and amplifies your talent acquisition efforts. Manage candidates, send invitations, drive registrations, track invitations, manage booths, channel audience, and add jobs to the booths.


Augment physical engagement with virtual collaboration.

Enjoy the power of virtual engagement by increasing the reach of your events and giving an in-person touch.


Powerful onsite event management tools

Option for the candidates to submit resume documents and schedule appointments with hiring managers. You have the option to connect your outlook calendar with Cynaptx.

The reason why we love Cynaptx is because the technology gets out of the way


Get Up and Ready in Minutes

Cynaptx is ready as soon as you are. Customers experience our top notch, personalized customer service from the beginning. We partner with customers throughout their journey. We share best practices and learnings that help customers setup their process. We do the heavy lifting so that customers can sit back and enjoy the ride!

Our Customers

Our mission is to empower every organization to become an efficient virtual & hybrid organization

We leverage the best underlying collaboration technology