AI-driven Virtual Engagement Platform is here

A virtual engagement platform built on top of Microsoft Teams to give your users the freedom to collaborate anytime, anywhere, on any devices.

Virtual Company Engagement increases employee and sales productivity

Conduct virtual company events, sales outreach, recruitment activities and collaboration on Microsoft Teams

Virtual Career Fair brings students, job seekers, employers, and career centers on one platform

Run highly engaging Virtual Career Fairs on Microsoft Teams.

Virtual Conference and Exhibitions

Bring your exhibitors, attendees, vendors on one platform and execute your conference and exhibition on Microsoft Teams 

Virtual Admissions, Onboarding and Training

Schedule your large and small events for your audience on Microsoft Teams

Cynaptx is sponsored by Microsoft and part of Microsoft for Startup ecosystem. We have leveraged Microsoft Teams as the underlining technology to deliver these enterprise level collaborations needs. Our offer is approved and listed on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and can be utilized by any origination to drive their virtual collaboration need.