Enabling Virtual Recruitment Fairs using Microsoft Teams

Cynaptx Virtual Recruitment Fair platform is a comprehensive virtual recruitment solution built using Microsoft Teams. We understand the requirements of School Districts and Cynaptx provides the best-in-class user experience for Principals, Recruiters and Candidates. Ease of use guaranteed!

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  • Individual Booth for each School
  • Dedicated Job board for each Booth
  • Virtual Presentation Rooms
  • 1:1 Meetings
  • Group Sessions
  • Survey
  • Reports
  • Event Specific Registration Page for Candidates
  • Online Candidate Profile
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office 365
  • Concurrent meetings/events supported
  • Resume Sharing
  • One Click Event Invitation
  • One Click Event Registration
  • Microsoft Trusted Solution – Safe & Reliable

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can each School in the School District have their own individual booths?

Yes, each school can have their own booth. Principals or Recruiters from each school can be virtually available in those booths and meet candidates.

Q: Can I get an event registration link which can be shared with potential candidates?

Yes, Cynaptx automatically generates a registration page (URL) for each event. This link can be shared with the potential candidates and even in social media.

Q: Is Microsoft Teams used for meetings?

Cynaptx is built on top of Microsoft Teams. Text Chat, Voice Calls and Video Calls are provided using Microsoft Teams.

Q: Do we need a Microsoft account/Teams account to use Cynaptx platform?

Ans: No, you and your users do not need Microsoft account to use Cynaptx

Q: Can open vacancies/jobs be listed for each individual school?

Yes, every booth is equipped with a virtual job board where jobs can be added. The job board can be accessed by the candidates.

Q: Can Candidates share resumes?

Yes, Candidates can resume with the Recruiters available at each booth.

Q: Can non-tech savvy users use Cynaptx?

Absolutely. Cynaptx guarantees ease of usage.