You may still think of it as sci-fi, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a part of mainstream technology for quite some time now. Not only is AI making our homes smarter but it is also making our jobs easier and the environment more adapting to our needs.

With the immense influence this technology has, it is paramount to introduce it to our educational system and ease the younger generation’s transition to an AI-driven world.
At this moment, AI is more present in the professional environment than we ever thought before. Besides the obvious technological ground they have conquered, robots can also do “soft science” jobs, like sales or customer service. With the act of consuming being almost entirely focused on the client, a smart automated system can interpret a customer’s input and react with the ideal solution. With this progress right under our nose, it is an important goal to introduce AI in every education program, especially colleges, since they are preparing the ground for entering the workforce.

How Can Colleges Introduce AI in Their Curriculum?

Colleges should introduce computer science classes in their base curriculum, no matter the field of study to better prepare their students for the advanced technological environment they will compete in once they graduate. That is a great helping hand for any young professional, from doctors to social workers.
Being able to understand how a computer can be operated and what it can do is one of the most common soft skills required on today’s job market.
Another way in which colleges can better prepare their alumni for the advancements of the professional world is to put them in touch with future employers and have the latter explain how a present job is done with the help of technology. Being able to understand the industry’s latest processes will allow you to compete for the best jobs in their niche.

Hiring Students through the AI-driven Cynaptx Career System

The Cynaptx Career Service Management system was created from the desire to respond to the need to connect students and employers faster than at the current rate. Cynaptx is a tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help students find a job more efficiently.
The students give a system of reference to the machine when submitting their curriculum vitae information. The AI will then process this information and run it through a series of complex algorithms, returning jobs that are a match. It sounds pretty straightforward, right? But the magic just started.
As the student uses the platform, it learns the searching patterns and returns better and better results. It also suggests similar jobs and points out areas where the student can better prepare to have a higher chance of getting their dream job.

Cynaptx also uses this AI-driven technology for employers, connecting them to the students that best fit their job postings. Such a system significantly improves the success rate of college  career centers because it fills in the gaps in the student-employer relationship, gaps which often cause lack of visibility and prevent young people from having a good professional start.