Students are overwhelmed with information overload. Cynaptx keeps students coming back for the most relevant jobs, events, content and more.

Cynaptx.AI for Students

  • AI makes sure students are not overwhelmed with high volume of job postings, career content, events etc.
  • AI learns about student’s career goals, usage patterns and behavior to custom tailor their experience.
  • AI recommends the appropriate jobs, events, content, career path based using techniques like collaborative filtering and deep learning.
  • Understand gaps in your profile and missing pieces that is stopping you to become ideal candidate for certain job openings.
  • Get guidance and coaching from AI assistant to build the right portfolio and perform the right activities to meet career goals

Features for Students

Using Dashboards students can track progress, take right actions, monitor applications, manage schedules and much more.

  • Make requests and view updates on requests
  • Manage interview time slots
  • Search and register for events
  • Create/request/reschedule or cancel appointment
  • Sync up with Google calendar or office 365 calendar
  • Upload and store resumes, cover letters, certifications and other documents
  • Request review and approval of resume
  • View and share content (as allowed)
  • Participate in conversations
  • Update profile including academics and work experience
  • Manage subscriptions and notifications
  • Explore thousands of jobs
  • Connect with employers
  • Use mobile app to engage with career services

We are building one smart global network of students, alumni, employers & universities/colleges by increasing engagement and outcomes for all stakeholders