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Thank you for visiting our website (www.cynaptx.com, “the website” or “website”) and the Term of Use (“Terms of Use”) page. Cynaptx. (“Cynaptx” or “we” or “us” or “our”) is committed to providing quality products and services to users (“you” or “your” or “users” or “customers” or “visitors”) of the website as well as our propriety software and technology products (“Cynaptx products and services” or “products and services” or “products” or “services”). By using our website and/or Cynaptx products and services, you agree to comply with Cynaptx’s Terms of Use. If you do not agree to comply with Cynaptx’s Terms of Use, do not use our website and Cynaptx products and services. Terms of Use outlines legal rights and contractual obligation between Cynaptx and you.

Cynaptx reserves the right to update Terms of Use any time. The users are responsible for keeping themselves updated with the Terms of Use. The last update was made on February, 2017. If you have any feedback or concern, please contact us via our website or email us at support@cynaptx.com.

Use of the website and Cynaptx products & services

  1. Cynaptx has primarily four types of users: higher education institutions (community colleges, business schools, universities etc.), students, alumni community and employers (companies, HR staff, recruiters etc.).
  2. Users or customers can access a range of propriety web-based software products and services through the website as well directly via specific URL.
  3. Cynaptx products provide a variety of features and functionalities including, but not limited to, user profile management, document upload, jobs and internship postings, event management, appointment scheduling, outcome analytics and data reporting etc.
  4. Employers may use Cynaptx products & services to post and share employment opportunities with colleges, universities, students and alums. Employers may also search student resumes posted on Cynaptx products & services if a student allow his/her resume to be visible and searchable. Employers when posting employment opportunities through Cynaptx products & services must comply with required laws and regulations such as equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination laws.
  5. Institutions of higher education may use Cynaptx products & services to manage their career centers and related operations. They may coordinate with students, alumni and employers. They can manage activities, events and appointments using one or multiple products and services.
  6. Students and alumni may use Cynaptx products & services when permitted by their respective institutions to search employment opportunities. Students and alumni can create their profile and upload documents such as resume, cover letter or transcripts using Cynaptx products & services. Students and alumni may also use Cynaptx products & services to coordinate with career services staff and participate in events.
  7. Cynaptx products & services can be paid as mentioned in the pricing and subscription information. Users and customers should read rules and related information carefully before you sign up for Cynaptx products & services and thereby abide by our Terms of Use in order to use Cynaptx products & services.
  8. When you visit our website and/ or access any of Cynaptx products and services, you agree to comply with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and any other related protocols.
  9. Cynaptx reserves the right to remove any data from the system at any time.
  10. Cynaptx is not responsible for the content or data uploaded or posted by users.
  11. Cynaptx has all the rights to determine the legitimacy of customers and users. We may decline your access any time due to illegitimacy of an account.

What we collect from users and customers

  1. We reserve the right to collect and save as per our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use any information provided to us by you via our website, during Cynaptx products and services registration/ sign-up process or during Cynaptx products and services usage.
  2. We collect standard information such as name, personal or official information, mailing address, email address, phone number etc. when you contact us via our website, email or phone call. The interaction may be a wide range of reasons including general inquiries, learn about the company, request more information about Cynaptx products & services or feedback. We reserve the right to establish your legitimate identity either via a background check or by validating information provided by you.
  3. When you visit our website or use our products and services, we log and save your IP address and your activity/ usage related data such as pages visited, searched performed, time spent and/ or link clicked etc. We may use cookies and or other tracking mechanism such as beacons, tags, and scripts to accomplish this as most of the organizations do today. The information collected may be used to analyze user behavior, use data, use types in order to develop better products and services.
  4. Institutions of higher education permit us within Cynaptx products & services to access, view, store and modify their data such as student data, employer/ recruiter contacts, jobs and internships, events, appointments, communications etc. This data is owned by individual users and not by any other entity.
  5. Students and alumni share/ store/ upload personal information, resumes, contact details, transcripts, social media related information etc. when they register and use Cynaptx products & services. They are allowed to update this data anytime based on the agreed upon rules by them, their institutions and Cynaptx.
  6. When employers and recruiters use our products and services, they allow sharing/ storing personal information including contact details, job/ internship postings etc. on our system. This data is owned by individual users and not by any other entity.

How we use and share information

  1. When you use Cynaptx products & services, your information is processed and stored with the information of other Cynaptx users. We consider each account as an entity whether you are a student, career services adviser, recruiter, alum or any other associate. We emphasize heavily on security and privacy of information related to each entity mentioned above.
  2. We usually do not use an individual’s personal information for analysis or sharing. However, we may use information of multiple users in aggregate for analytics and reporting.
  3. We do not share your personally identifiable with anyone that you do not allow. You have the right to stop Cynaptx to stop collecting and processing your information at any time, as per the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.
  4. We may share your personal information with our partners, affiliates, vendors and third parties only after your consent and as per the terms described in this Privacy Policy.
  5. We may also share your personal information and other information you provide to a party as a result of change in control of the company. If Cynaptx is involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, you will be notified.
  6. Cynaptx may share specific user data with law enforcement agencies as and when requested.

Updating and removing of information

  1. After you register one of our products and services, you reserve the right to access, view and update the information you provided including your personal and profile information.
  2. Cynaptx will retain and maintain your information as long as your Cynaptx account is active.
  3. We will deactivate and/ or delete your account when you reach out to us with such a request. This request may need some time to process and is subject to validation before we take an action.
  4. After your Cynaptx account is closed/ deleted, we may retain some of the information if we believe it may be necessary to prevent fraud or abuse in the future. The information may be used for legal matters as well.
  5. Cynaptx may deactivate/delete any account at any time at its discretion.

Security and protection of information

Cynaptx products & services use a secured, reliable and widely used public cloud infrastructure. In addition to the in-built security measures and protocols, Cynaptx deploys its own security and protection layers.

We use encryption for passwords. Only authorized Cynaptx employees can access to personally identifiable information of our users. Only authorized third parties may be granted limited access to user data as per the consent between parties in place.




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