A recent survey conducted by us indicates that broken interview process is one of the biggest areas of concern for the students and career services staff members. There have been several instances where the students have missed interviews just because they forgot about it or were just not aware that they were confirmed for the interview by the employer. A few staff members expressed concerns that they don’t have visibility on the interviews that their students are attending and the outcome. Do you relate to this problem as well? – Do you have answers at your finger- tips for how many of your students have interviews today and who are the employers who have invited students? If the answer is “Not sure, I need to check”, let us analyze the situation.

The underlying reason for you not having the information is because of silos and the solution is to have the students, staff members and employers on a single technology platform that is driven by robust workflow with event-based triggers & notifications with the ability to seamlessly integrate with other systems. This is exactly where legacy CSM systems have failed and modern Career Services Technology platforms have excelled. Let’s look at how the Interview scenario is handled in a modern application.

Problem No 1: Students unaware of the interview invitation

In a modern CSM systems, employers can invite students for interview through the platform and not just by emails. The built-in workflow engine will trigger a notification for the student which they can see on their web or mobile app followed by an email. If the student does not respond within a stipulated time-frame, the workflow engine will automatically trigger a reminder notification. Staff members can also pull a report daily on pending response from students for interview invitations. This process ensures that the students do not miss any interview invitations.

Problem No 2: Student forgot about the interview

In modern technology platform, students are just not allowed to forget. Platforms such as Cynaptx, come with a built-in smart calendar. When the student accepts an interview invitation, the interview is posted automatically in the calendar of the student and the system sends out reminder notifications at predefined intervals in the form of pop up notifications with sound alert and emails. This interview reminder also syncs to their calendars on laptop and mobile phones. Modern CSM platforms very well integrate with Outlook and Gmail calendars. This helps Employers as they are saved from the tedious task of sending interview reminders. Staff members have full visibility and they can see when students have interviews scheduled and send them reminders if needed. As a staff member you are saved from the embarrassment of no-show by your students for the interview; reputation intact!!!

Problem No 3: “What happened at the interview, you didn’t update Career Services”

You don’t have to ask this to your students anymore, if you are on a modern platform. All updates by the interviewer and the status of the interviews of each student is available to you. You are well informed so that you could say “Congratulations” or “Doesn’t matter, let’s prepare for the next interview” when you meet the student after the interview. Isn’t that fantastic?

Problem No 4: Management asks for numbers and reports

How many students were interviewed this year? Which employer conducted most number of interviews? How many students were offered jobs? Etc. etc etc..

Reports which covers all such questions with detailed charts and graphs will be provided to you automatically, real-time!!! Modern career services platforms can make your life so much better.

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