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Improving College Career Services for Future Graduates

In 2016, a study conducted by the Economic Policy Institute on college graduate employment rates reported “the overall unemployment rate was 4.9 percent, and the unemployment rate of workers under age 25, at 10.5 percent, was 2.1 times as high.”

The question we should be asking is, although that may not seem like a high number, why is unemployment an issue for college graduates?

“College freshmen now regularly say the number one reason to attend college is to “get a better job,” according to a major annual survey of incoming students conducted by UCLA,” reports Jeffrey J. Selingo in his article “Why are so many students failing to find good jobs after college?” posted on The Washington Post.

Despite going to college in hopes for a brighter future when venturing into the job market, graduates are finding it difficult to do so.

One contributing factor we can analyze, but not completely find at fault, for cause of a disappointing outlook after graduating is that of career services colleges have in place for students. Some students do not even realize the potential help the college has for students or don’t believe they can utilize, such as online students.

Implementing a Career Service Management, or CSM, program would be a great start in improving career services for college students.

CSMs are tools designed to help career services not only manage daily operations, but connect students, employers and staff. Alongside managing daily operations of their career centers, such as appointments, events, jobs and other such vital aspects, the tool can provide an easy and accessible way to help engage students. CSMs provide students with multiple job opportunities in assisting them in their career search after college.

Career services tend to be overlooked. Psychology Today reports that “some students believe that Career Services cannot help them.”

“Fewer than 20 percent of undergraduate students reach out to their school’s career centers for advice on finding jobs or finding and applying to graduate programs, both of which the recent report [conducted by Gallup and Strada Education Network] identifies as some of a center’s most valuable services,” said Lola Fadulu in an article posted on The Atlantic. “Often, students instead consult with friends and family members about important decisions that can determine employment, such as choosing a major.”

CSMs provide college students and Alumni a modern, sure way to connect with Career Services on college campuses.  Cynaptx is a complete, modern, cloud-based, intuitive and affordable career service management solution for schools. It provides a collective network of universities, colleges, employers, students and alumni who are driving the creation of increased engagement opportunities. Cynaptx has the most robust job feed in the industry empowering students to find the right job for them through an easy-to-use, intelligent and effective experience.