One of the most important and challenging activities for Career Services teams is to make relevant and meaningful job opportunities available to their students. Once jobs are available, Career Services also needs full visibility and control to promote the jobs and track their engagement.  

But are you able to do so today? Do you have a system that gives you full control over how you and your students interact with these job opportunities?  

Cynaptx is an enterprise-grade Career Services Management system that puts you in the center and gives you all the control and visibility you need to make this activity successfulLet’s see how Cynaptx handles this problem.  

How can you bring jobs to your students? 

There are several ways in which jobs can be posted in Cynaptx. We have explained this in the diagram below: 

  1. Jobs posted by Recruiters: Recruiters can log in to their accounts and post job to the University. They have an employer facing portal that works like an applicant tracking system. Their portal allows them to browse candidate profiles, invite students to apply for an open positionpost and manage new jobs and internships, manage applications from studentsconduct interviews, and offer positions. 
  2. Jobs posted by Career Services on Behalf of a Recruiter: Career Services team can also post on behalf of a recruiter job if the recruiter is not able to do so for some reason. This way recruiters can start getting the job applications in the system for their open position and perform recruitment activities 
  3. Jobs posted by Career Services for students to apply on external websites: Career Services team can post jobs from the internet. This way they can direct students to go and apply for jobs that might be available on an employer website or a job board and are relevant for students. This kind of posting helps when employers have specific URLs (web links) for a University. Employers can also post such jobs in Cynaptx. 
  4. Job Spidering (Jobs pulled from Employer Website): Cynaptx supports job spidering. The Career Services team provides us the employer websites to pull jobs from and our spidering tool extracts and imports jobs from those employer websites continuously. Cynaptx can also be connected to the employer’s Applicant Tracking System like SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, etc.  
  5. Jobs pulled from Job Boards: Cynaptx can integrate into job boards and pull entry-level jobs. We have a partnership with top entry-level form job boards (e.g. College Recruiter and partner sourcing systems) through which we can show all entry-level jobs of the Job Board to students. Students click and apply externally. This also applies to 3rd party systems e.g. CRM software like Salesforce, etc.  


How can Career Services promote these jobs? 

Career Service Staff members can share a job posting with a student using Cynaptx’s “Share” functionality. The student gets an email and in-app notification for the jobs shared with themThis can be done individually or in bulkYou can also pick from a list of pre-defined templates when you are sharing a job. Staff can share jobs by selecting student names, usernames, email or they can share with a whole group of students (e.g. Accounting graduates of Fall 2020) 

You can see details of which Career Services staff member shared this job with which student.  

You can even view which student viewed the job and when. This way you can measure the popularity and student engagement with the job.  

And if a student applied you can see their application details and their status.  


Students can update what status based on what’s happening with their job application or if you are aware of the application status of external jobs for your students then you can enter them here too; that way your Cynaptx CSM is the source of truth and your reports are accurate 

Suggest a student to a Recruiter 

You can even suggest your students to recruiters that are in the system. Upon your suggestion, recruiters get a notification to review a student suggested by you.  

Recruiters inviting Students to apply 

A recruiter can browse your students (if students have made their profile visible to employers) and they can invite them to apply for their open positions. Students get a notification and then they can go ahead and apply with a resume.   


Timeline and Notes 

The entire job activity is tracked – right from the time the job was created, approved, every student with whom it was shared, who applied, who suggested students to recruiters, etc. This timeline gives you a good snapshot of what has happened with the job so far.  


You can also capture notes and set visibility on the notes. This can be used for sharing certain items internally or with students who are viewing the job.  



Cynaptx gives you full control on jobs. The system does a lot more once the job reaches students. It has a robust Applicant Tracking System for recruiters that allows them to conduct interviewand recruitment activity all the way to offer management and Career Services is kept in the loop throughout the process.  

All of this data is available inside Cynaptx’s powerful reporting tool that is built using the world’s #1 Reporting technology – Power BI from Microsoft. More on that in a separate blog.  

To see all this in action, Sign up for a free trial or request a demo today.