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Cynaptx provides Career Services with a platform that enables staff to easily interact with employers and students. Cynaptx makes the job of career services easier by providing an affordable system where staff has access to the following capabilities:

Interactive dashboard

  • Intuitive analytics shows engagement
  • Approval queue - shows job and resume review requests for approval
  • Calendar/schedule
  • Activity Stream - student and employer activity

Manage students

  • Search for, filter, review and update student profiles
  • Assign students to staff, create groups of students, and tag them for action on groups
  • Activate/deactivate students
  • Make students into alumni
  • Review student resumes, provide feedback, approval, etc.
  • View student activity stream

Manage employers / organizations

  • Create/edit organizations and recruiters
  • Activate, suspend or edit them
  • Make employers Featured for special actions
  • View/post jobs
  • View employer activities and assist employers

Manage staff

  • Review Staff activity, create new staff or edit existing staff, manage security
  • Activate/de-activate staff

Manage requests

  • Create, review and process requests – Resolve, close or send back to the requestor for further information
  • Add notes to requests
  • Filter requests to find the ones you need

Jobs and interviews

  • Create/edit jobs for recruiters
  • Approve jobs submitted by employers/recruiters
  • Suspend or activate jobs
  • Job Spidering: Add employer jobs for your students by linking jobs from employer sites


  • View dashboard of important metrics
  • Powerful reporting with student analytics, employer engagement metrics, job metrics and more

Manage events

  • Create, edit and manage events including location, images, number of attendees, links and more
  • View event engagement metrics - number of registrations


  • Add engaging content and share with appropriate student, staff and employer groups/individuals and via social media
  • Limit content view with content expiry
  • View content engagement analytics




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