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  • Students can upload their resume and submit for approval​
  • Students can upload other types of documents to use in the application process​
  • Staff receive the requests to review resume, can process it and attach notes for student, with approval or rejection.​
  • Students can be required to have an approved resume before being able to search for jobs and before they are searchable by employers​



  • Employers can register and post jobs​ Jobs must be approved to be visible, but selected employers can have their jobs automatically approved​
  • Employers can search for students and view applicants​ Employers can review candidates and select candidates for interview, create interview slots and invite students to select an interview slot.​
  • Students can search for jobs, be notified of matches, apply for jobs and if invited for interview, can select an interview slot.​ ​



  • Students, staff and employers can initiate conversations​
  • Students can initiate and engage in conversation with staff ​
  • Students can respond to conversations from employers​
  • Employers can engage with staff via conversations ​
  • Conversation threads kept for reference​



  • Staff can create events such as job fairs or information sessions​
  • Staff can send out email to let students know about the event​
  • Students can sign up/register for the event​
  • Employers can also be invited to events and can register for events



  • Students and employers can make requests and these go into a queue for staff to respond​
  • Enables SLAs for staff to respond to requests, increasing customer service​
  • Workflow processing for events​




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