Employer can recruit from multiple Institutions in one go making college recruiting more effective

Cynaptx.AI for Employers

Cynaptx uses artificial intelligence to analyze rich candidate information such as resumes, chatbot conversations, assessments and performance data without sacrificing quality for speed. Combining this knowledge with automation, Cynaptx slashes turnover, reduces bias and improves quality of hire.

  • Analyze candidate data to screen and shortlist candidates automatically, in real-time, with incredible accuracy.
  • Natural Language Processing allows seeing insights from Resume and Cover Letters
  • Effortlessly automate manual, time-consuming tasks so that recruiters can focus on high-value work.
  • Engage with candidates at scale, with chatbot that allows further qualify candidates.
  • Use AI to find top candidates from existing applicant database. Optimize your talent pool.

Our job spidering technology enables jobs posted on employers’ websites to be integrated into Cynaptx

Bringing students more relevant jobs in a timely manner. This saves employers time and allows them to recruit more efficiently than ever.

Features for Employers


  • Interactive employer dashboard provides visual view of key metrics including time to recruit, pipeline, interviews and more.


  • Communicate with students, and staff members
  • Raise and track requests to career services

Job Management

Search, save and review candidates

Record notes on candidates

Invite and manage applicants

  • Post, edit, manage, suspend jobs
  • Share jobs and invite recruiters
  • Job spidering from your website

Applicant Management

  • Search, save and review candidates
  • Record notes on candidates
  • Invite and manage applicants

Interview Management

  • Setup interviews (location and time slot)
  • Communicate interview schedules
  • Integration with calendar
  • Invite colleagues from your organization.


  • Integration to Outlook, Google calendar etc.


  • Request employer events

  • Register for and attend events

Shopping Cart

  • Buy premier services offered by Institutions such has becoming a Featured Employer, Request Resume books etc.


  • Review recommended content driven by AI based recommendation

We are building one smart global network of students, alumni, employers & universities/colleges by increasing engagement and outcomes for all stakeholders