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Employer branding in universities and colleges

University hiring is a great platform to nurture the employer branding of an organization. A study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reveals that employers consider branding the most important part of their university recruiting programs.Employer Branding is a vast area to cover. In recent times, organizations have put lots of effort to achieve higher employee engagement through employer branding. However, there is a big scope for improvement. In order to achieve effective employer branding, organizations can adhere to the following steps:

Host information sessions

Hosting on-campus information sessions helps to raise awareness about a particular organization among a targeted group of students. Information sessions coordinated with the university career centers are a viable option to share details on open positions, organizational culture and unique information about the industry. These information sessions can be physical ones or can be in webinar form as well. These information sharing sessions can also be a two-way communication platform with students. Recruiters and hiring managers would get a fair idea on students’ interest, aspiration, and ambition. Organizations can use this information to create their future communication with students and institutes.  

Build on-campus relationships

On-campus relationship is a key factor to enhance employer banding among students. Visiting the institution during campus hiring would only give a surface level of information. Having year-long activity is going to benefit both the parties. Organizations can invite the students and staff to attend their annual event, lab visit and trade shows (if any). This way staff and students are going to get to know more about the organization’s culture and the people. That would make them more comfortable to join the organization.

Update career sites and job descriptions

It’s important to keep the career site updated. Nowadays, students are on computers and mobile phones all the time, and the career site is often the first place they visit to research about the organization. Using career services software like Cynaptx (www.cynaptx.com) helps organizations to have better career management with universities. It helps the organizations and recruiters to stay on top of the hiring game by having updated information on new openings, status on openings, interview management, offer release and management and much more. Cynaptx and other career services software are defiantly going to boost the brand performance of organizations and engage future employees better.

Make personal connections

Personal connections can be a differentiator for any brand or organization. Getting to know the students, enabling them to develop their personalities and mentoring them to take up every challenge are a few great ways to develop personal connections. In the long run, they can be a great way to endorse employer branding.

Nurture referrals

Referral is a great way to touch base with bigger pool new graduates. College students interact each day with peers in similar majors and organizations. It would be a great way to touch base with peers of these student group to talk about the respective organization and how it would be a lucrative career for them.These are a few guidelines. But organizations and recruiters can be creative to build their brand on campus.

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