The prominent software review site, FinancesOnline recognized Cynaptx for its premium usability and value for money features with two awards – Premium Usability & Rising Star 2019. Cynaptx is the first full service Artificial Intelligence driven Career Services Management platform to be reviewed and awarded by FinanceOnline. 

Since its launch, Cynaptx has been receiving accolades and recommendations from various software review organizations. FinancesOnline has listed Cynaptx on their B2B Software Search platform and has verified the quality of the application from a technical as well as end user perspective  

FinancesOnline certifies that Cynaptx is the perfect solution for the following challenges faced by the Career Services team in any institute: 

  • Low usage of Career Service Systems by students 
  • Students not finding relevant opportunities 
  • Process deviations and human errors resulting in delays and bottlenecks 

Cynaptx comes with a trendy User Interface, making it easy to use for anyone who’s familiar with modern social media platformsThe job recommendation engine driven by Artificial Intelligence and the Job scraping functionality ensures that relevant jobs based on their preferences and skills are presented to the students on their personal dashboards. It has a built-in workflow engine, approval hierarchy, reminder, and alerts to prevent process deviations, delays and fake jobs.