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Cynaptx makes it easy for students to engage with Career Services to make appointments, get help and get connected to employers and jobs.

Our new mobile app just made it even easier!

Help students take control of their career.

By utilizing their dashboard in Cynaptx they can track progress, monitor applications, manage their schedule and so much more. Students have access to the following features:

  • Make requests and view updates on requests
  • Keep updated with changes and respond to interview requests by selecting a slot
  • Search and register for events
  • Create/request/reschedule or cancel appointment
  • Sync up with Google calendar or office 365 calendar
  • Upload and store resumes, cover letters, certifications and other documents
  • Request review and approval of resume
  • View and share content (as allowed)
  • Participate in conversations
  • Update profile including name, contact info, etc, and link other social network profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • Manage subscriptions and notifications

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