“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”, that’s what Milton Berle, one of the iconic American comedian and actor has quoted. At Cynaptx, we believe the same. We understand that job search is less than an easy task. 
The recruiter is the first go-to person while you are looking for an ideal opportunity or an internship. He or she is well-aware of organizations requirements, budget, and criticality of the positions (he or she is hiring for). A recruiter is also the gatekeeper of organizational information in terms of people, culture and values. 
As a job seeker, it is very important for you to be on top of recruiters’ mind. But it becomes a near impossible task to reach out to recruiters, beating their busy schedules. The following tips are going to help you to stay on top of your game –

  • Study the Job Description (JD): When a recruiter posts a Job, he or she looks for CV that matches at least 80 to 60 percent to the job. So, it is very important that you understand the JD well and then fine-tune your CV accordingly. That way, you are going to change your and recruiter’s valuable time.
  • Build a solid CV and a cover letter: Create a CV that catches recruiter attention. Do highlight your core skills and at the same time do not forget to mention your passion or soft skills. In a recent survey published by LinkedIn stats that candidates with better soft skills like adaptability, creative thinking are more likely to be hired. Also, add a photograph of yours in the CV. An image can convey a thousand words. A professionally taken photograph is defiantly going to add value to your CV. Once build your CV and cover letter, do a thorough check on spelling and grammatical errors. Do not forget to review with faculty or staff.
  • Build a relationship with the recruiter: It is very important to have a personal connection with the recruiter. But it does not mean that you bombard him/her with emails, stock him/her through social media accounts. To keep a professional relationship that does not intimidate the recruiter, you can follow the following steps –
    • Speak to him or her after the interview.
    • Request for feedback on the interview 
    • Check, when can you hear back from them
    • Also, let the recruiter know how enthusiastic you are to join the organization. So that he/she can keep your name on top of his/her list when it comes to any new opportunity.
  • Follow-up: You have attended the interview and you are quite confident that you have done well, but you have not heard from the recruiter or the organization. Do not panic. Wait for a week and send a subtle mail seeking feedback. Most of the times, recruiter and hiring manager get too busy in their day to day task. Your e-mail is going to work as a reminder to them. If you still do not hear from them, look for other opportunities.