Cynaptx became the first ever SaaS-based Career Services Management platform to be awarded Great User Experience and Rising Star 2019 awards by CompareCamp. These recognitions vouch for the immense capabilities of Cynaptx platform in revolutionizing the technology-assisted Career Services function in universities and higher education institutes.




CompareCamp carefully analysed all the features of Cynaptx such as user-friendliness & modern user interface, AI-powered Job Recommendation engine, a wide range of analytical reports and the built-in workflow engine. After a thorough evaluation, CompareCamp was impressed by the user experience Cynaptx delivers for its users. 


The user experience that Cynaptx can offer to its customers is achieved as a result of the robust architecture and the most modern technology stack blended with engineering brilliance of Cynaptx product development team who has spent years studying Career Services function in universities and challenges faced by using available CSM solutions. We identified gaps between the needs of the Career Service team and the solutions provided by vendors, which resulted in a comprehensive product. 

Customization is a major challenge with almost all the Career Services Management systems currently available and, at the same time, customization is a priority for most of the institutes as each institute will have their own custom processes and methods. Cynaptx with its microservices driven architecture offers unmatched customization capabilities and focuses on personalised user experience for each user.


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The awards given to Cynaptx stresses how our software delivers an AI-powered career service management solution effectively. Check out the Cynaptx review on CompareCamp to gain more insights about what our product has to offer.