Year 2019 has been a fantastic year as far as career services professionals are concerned. Career Services technology space has taken a giant leap this year and is all set to come out with more innovative solutions in 2020. Needs of the Career Services function have changed over the last five years and the market is responding to those changes with path breaking technology solutions. 

What are the changes in requirements? 

Need for Customization: Major universities and institutions have started to feel the need for customizable career services management solutions. With customization, career centers feel that they can a have a tailor- made solution that can solve their unique problems, make them more efficient and save time. “One size fits all” approach is slowly fading as far as Career Services Management systems are concerned and we are witnessing a spike in demand for customizable solutions. This trend will strengthen in 2020 since every career center is looking to have something unique that works for them and give them advantage when it comes to Employer and Student engagement and placement rates. 

Better User Interface & Ease of Usage:  

Career Centers are moving away from legacy systems to modern applications in search of better user interface and ease of usage. Mobile apps have become key for the students as they are more comfortable with Swipe and Touch functions rather than mouse clicks. Employers and Students need access to Career Services Management platforms on the go and that results in better engagement. CSM applications those entered the market in the last couple of years features user interfaces that can be compared with Facebook kind of applications. 

Social Media Integration 

Career Centers are becoming more and more active on Social Media, especially Twitter and LinkedIn. Being active on social media platforms and sharing regular updates helps the career center to get employer attention and also in branding of the institute. Career Centers are looking for CSM application using which they can directly post the updates such as events and career fairs from the CSM application without having to go to the social media platforms. 

Need for Data Visualization 

Career Centers are becoming data driven. Hence modern systems are in demand that can provide reports & analytics and provide meaningful interpretation of data to help in decision making and course correction.   

Artificial Intelligence 

Career Services fraternity has started to realize how AI can help in their domain and its various applications. Career Services Management systems can recommend relevant jobs to each individual student based on their key skill sets, qualifications, interests and past job application history. AI is also being used in Career Services Management applications for providing student profile score and competency rating. 

2020 is set to be an exciting year as far as Career Services Management technology space is concerned with lot of innovations happening in this area and hassle-free on-boarding by providers. Even smaller colleges which are currently running on excel sheets can easily migrate to CSM platforms without worrying about cost and implementation efforts.