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Learning from NACE 2019

NACE 2019 just got over. These four days have been well spent on networking, learning, brainstorming, and focusing on outcomes. Career Services professionals, thought-leaders and ace-speakers have shared their ideas, thoughts, and findings. While these ideas and...

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Importance of healthy lifestyle for students

Human evolution is a continuous process. During this evolution process thousands of years, we have changed physically and mentally as explained in Big Bang Theory. As a living being, our primary job is to keep moving to stay fit mentally and physically. That’s what we...

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Competencies to stay top of recruiters’ mind

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”, that’s what Milton Berle, one of the iconic American comedian and actor has quoted. At Cynaptx, we believe the same. We understand that job search is less than an easy task. The recruiter is the first go-to person while...

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