Anxiety among students related to their job prospects and future is something a career services staff member deals with on a day to day basis as part of their profession. Students nearing their graduation date gets anxious about their future and about getting suitable job/internship opportunities. Anxiety could lead to stress which may result in mental fatigue and depression in students. Career services staff members can play an important role in reducing & managing anxiety in students. This would require well defined action plans, coordinated activities and optimum use of technology that would eventually prepare the students for job interviews, build confidence and present them the right opportunities to explore. 

Working with students, throughout their academic term 

Career centers should start nurturing the students and work towards improving their skill sets right from their initial days at the college. It requires career centers to keep in regular touch with the students, understand their issues, conduct seminars and various activities which will help them evolve and be ready for the challenges of the job market. Career Centers should be using the right technology to successfully do this. Modern Career Services Management platforms let the career centers be accessible to students just at a mouse click or a tap on their mobile phones. These modern platforms help the career centers engage with students better, provide consultations, plan events and seminars, plan and conduct career fairs, conduct mock interviews and test to build confidence and conduct surveys to understand the pulse of the students. Modern systems such as Cynaptx even recommend jobs to the students which suit their profiles using Artificial Intelligence. Receiving the required assistance and guidance from the staff member will definitely help in easing the anxiety among the students and help them perform better. 

Threat from open platforms 

Students accessing open platforms for applying for jobs should be discouraged as it could increase the anxiety and stress levels. Students would apply for jobs that are listed on such platforms and will feel dejected when they don’t get to see the desired results. Open platforms that are free to access and have hundreds of jobs listed will not help the students as those jobs are accessible to the entire world, may not be relevant and there could be fake jobs as well. Also, career centers have no role to play on those platforms and there is no assistance for the students. Its always better that students access jobs on only those platforms which the career center has officially subscribed to. 

Cynaptx provides career centers with several tools out of the box that can help them in managing their student relationship better and guide them. Tools such as Chat, Mass Email, Appointment Scheduler, Task Manager, Event Planner, Career Fair Planner, Counselling Module and Job Recommendation Engine will help you run the career center efficientlyprepare students better and manage anxiety.